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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Him no waste words

When it comes to written communication my husband is well known for getting right to the point with the minimum use of verbage. He tries to redeem every minute, every type of the computer key, and every last brain cell so that his time at work is as profitable as it can be. I get a kick out of it and am challenged to be as frugal as he in my replies. For some reason he thinks his style is quite normal, and it is not until I reply in kind that he sees the humor in it. Here is our most recent exchange.

Keith writes,
"Trying to call you, home phone busy, cell phone does not connect.
Need address for ******.
Wrote letter to send to him."

I replied,
"Sorry on phone with *******.
Cell on vibe.
Will try to keep on."
Hope not happen again.


Keelie said...

I'm definitely not known for being concise, although with the new phenomenon of texting, I try.

Sister Kari said...

That funny. Me like. Love you.

kristi noser said...

When I read this, my apologies to Keith, it sounded like caveman speak.
Oog. Blog good.

Kara Jo said...

Tee hee.