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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camp 2011

Every year we like to say that this year was the best camp year ever. I can definitely remember some years that do NOT fit that description. Sometimes having a baby or several young children make the week less relaxing than it would be otherwise; sometimes there are campers who cause trouble, complain, or just have an attitude that requires summoning up more grace than you would like to summon; sometimes there are squabbles, factions, and cliques among people that creates a noticeable division in the camp; and sometimes the weather is cool (or cold) and wet.

Besides having to keep up with Gabe, this year, for me, really was just about perfect. The weather was fabulous, the kids were cooperative, the campers were tremendously helpful, the overall spirit in the camp was gracious and kind, and I got to hear every single message!! This year was our 19th camp and it's the first time I've heard all of the messages. I'm not sure if I've even heard half of them before. It was quite a treat. (I believe the messages (by Kyle White and Brent Nelson) will eventually be posted at under the Camp link if you have the time to listen and want to receive a blessing.)

Here are some snapshots of our wonderful week.

ENJOYED HAVING SO MANY OF OUR OLDER KIDS (and granddaughter) THERE--the older ones actually enjoy sitting and talking with us, the younger ones just want to be with their friends!


WALL BALL--a boys' game where it seems they are trying to kill each other, and looks like it too!









FYI--The conference/camp sponsored by Northwoods Baptist Church and held at Camp Nicolet is open to any who love the Lord and wish to join in a week of family fun and Christian fellowship. We will meet again August 20-26, 2012, but many of us will be joined in spirit all year long!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our final MTU Huskies season?

We've been driving up to Houghton to watch our boys plays college football for six years. This seventh year (watching jersey #7) could be the last. Troy decided to head south for his college years and plans to try out for the baseball team. Shane, who is closing in on 6'6", is working on his basketball skills with hopes of it helping pay his way through school. Bryce and Owen aren't on the college radar yet and I'm not pushing them!

This final season promises to really end with a bang for Chet and Priscilla. Not only is the last regular season game in the dome at Northern Michigan, the traditional big rival for The Miner's Cup, it is on the calendar for November 12, one day after the due date of their first child.

For you Husky fans, click here a look at what the team is shaping up to be this season. Here are a few quotes from the article.
If the old saying, "defense wins championships," holds true, then the 2011 Michigan Tech football team will have a chance to be among the top in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference standings come November.

The Huskies entire defensive secondary returns-and they're all seniors. That includes All-GLIAC Second Team strong safety Jesse Vandenberg, who has 220 career tackles including a team-high 83 a year ago. Chet White, who plays an outside linebacker position, started all 10 games a year ago and posted 62 tackles and a team-high three interceptions.
Practice for this final season is officially underway. Go Huskies! Go Chet! DON'T GET HURT!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phun Phonics with Gabe

We've been caring for our Minnesota twins this week (Carson and Keira) and have read LOTS and LOTS of books. After nap time today I was reading an alphabet book to them along with a very enthusiastic Gabe and we were on the M page. There was a picture of a motorcycle and Gabe quickly called out, "Bike!"

I said, "No Gabe, remember, it starts with 'm'."

"Oh," he said, giving me a funny look, "a mike."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

And that's a GOOD thing?

One of my married children recently shared an observation with me,
You and Dad have really done a great job at raising all of your children to be really excited about getting out of the house.
It was supposed to be a compliment.