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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Dana

Dana is sad that I have written so little here lately. So, I'll tell a story that she doesn't know I know.

A week and a half ago Dana celebrated her 18th birthday with eight girl friends. We decorated with lights and snowflakes and candles and I planned, cooked, and served a four course mystery dinner. It was all part of my gift to her. She and her friends had a good time, enjoyed the food, and had fun watching each other eat salad, lasagna, and cheesecake, sometimes with but more often without utensils.

Dana, however, doesn't know that she also gave me a gift that night. The girls played a game where someone read a question from pre-printed cards, everyone else wrote their answers to the question, and the reader had to guess which answer went with each person.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up the supper dishes when I heard the reader ask, "If you could pick anyone to go out for dinner with who would it be?" The list of answers read something like this:

My future husband
A special someone
Audrey Hepburn
My husband-to-be
My Mom
Susan Sarandon
My future husband

Can you guess what most of these girls have on their minds!?

Well, the guesses were made, the correct answers revealed, and I learned that my Dana's answer had been, "My Mom"--and she didn't even know I could hear them.

I love you, Dana!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guyana Blog

Ellen asked me to start a blog for her and Katie (it is called EKG for Ellen, Katie, and Guyana and the heart work that is going on there) so they could keep people up to date on their experiences and work in Guyana. They have very limited computer time and thought this would be a quick way to share their information. I posted the first entry with pictures of their departure from the frozen north almost ten days ago. I look forward to hearing their news from "the sauna", as Ellen has described it. You can read about them at

Answer: I don't think so

Lisa's question for the day:

"Do you think sometime we can go outside at night when it's dark and have a camp fire and kill a pig and put it on two sticks and then turn it and eat it or maybe a chicken or something?"

Do they even bottle that?

Susie, who is visiting for the week--"Did you change your hair color?"

Me--"No, why?"

Susie--"It looks a little greyish."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She's Gone

Ellen left for Guyana at 8:05 AM Monday morning.

I'm still sad.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recognition Weekend......Almost

Husky Football Banquet Friday night:
Recognized for setting a new school record in number of receiving yards in a career,
recognized as the Best Offensive Back in 2008,
recognized for the Scholar Athlete award,
recognized as one of seven seniors to make it through five seasons,
recognized as a captain and team leader,
recognized for doing the best impression of the head coach.

Michigan Tech Graduation Ceremony:
Recognized for completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering,
recognized for graduating Summa Cum Laude (3.97),
recognized as......"Kevin" B. White.

Really? Show me the 'v' and 'n' in "Keith".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dad's in the News!

You boys with your touchdowns, tackles, homeruns, and good grades aren't the only ones in print. The local paper headed to AirPro to do a story about the business, just days after its six year anniversary.

They didn't just do a story about the business, but they included quotes like, "The purpose of this business is to glorify the Living God." Praise God for such an opportunity to lift up His name publicly!

Click here to read Local Manufacturer Succeeds with Values.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This week is rather bittersweet as two of our adult children are packing up and moving--one coming, one going.

Keith and Nicole are busy getting moved out, packed up, and on Saturday we'll lend a hand getting them back to town.

Ellen is "packing up her life" (her own words) as she prepares to head for Guyana on Monday. Upon her return she'll be planning her wedding and preparing for a permanent move away from home and to Eau Claire.

It's been sad to see her really preparing to move out.....for good. However, I DID have to draw the line somewhere!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Pounds

After supper one evening last week Keith invited the children to join him in doing some calisthenics to help offset the seasonal calories.

Lisa must have the whole system figured out because the next night after supper she asked him,

"Daddy, can we do extra size tonight?"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving with a Surprise Ending

Our Thanksgiving Day was a pretty typical one for us. We had 45 people at the house and also enjoyed sharing this holiday with our sons from Portugal and Thailand. They ate the turkey and potatoes, tried the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberries, and enjoyed their choice of thirteen pies. We all enjoyed the opportunity to be with friends and family and share something that we were each thankful for this year.

Rich, Susie, and Tracy

Jamie and Dana

Pat, Zack, Kevin, Papa, Grandma

Troy and Seth

Brett and Shane

Mark and Kaleb

Rick and Debbie

Marty and Kelly

Kaleb, Jessica, and Light

Mendo, Chet, and Marty

Ellen, Dana, and Katie

Joey and Keith

Another annual tradition is the post-dinner-pre-pie football game. The temperature was slightly below freezing, but that didn't stop anyone from joining in for at least part of the game. It also didn't stop a few of the more insane from donning their shorts!

1 QB, 7 WR, 7 DB

Building a fire

Neil, Sean, Jamie, Amanda

Mendo, still doesn't understand "winter"

Chet never has...

After the sun set and the cold drove the gridiron crew indoors we polished off the pies and got out the games. Some of our guys were delighted to gather around a video game brought over by a cousin.

Troy and Keith


While the boys' bedroom was filled with racing fans another group played Apples to Apples in the great room. Ellen added a twist to the game and laid out four description cards (typically only one is laid).


We had to choose one card from our hand that best fit the description. I was sure I had this one in the bag as I played my "Superman" card. However, Daniel played a hand written card and Ellen declared him the winner.

"We're Engaged"

It took us all a few moments to put two and two together and realize that it equalled.....these two!

A wedding date of August 22, 2009 has been set. However, those plans will be put on the back burner until Ellen returns from a five month missions trip to Guyana that start on the 15th of this month. She asked me if she should do anything for the wedding before she leaves. I told her to reserve the church, prepare for her trip, spend time with her fiance, and leave the rest until May.