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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This week is rather bittersweet as two of our adult children are packing up and moving--one coming, one going.

Keith and Nicole are busy getting moved out, packed up, and on Saturday we'll lend a hand getting them back to town.

Ellen is "packing up her life" (her own words) as she prepares to head for Guyana on Monday. Upon her return she'll be planning her wedding and preparing for a permanent move away from home and to Eau Claire.

It's been sad to see her really preparing to move out.....for good. However, I DID have to draw the line somewhere!


Keelie said...

Thanks for the smile!:) He's a doll!

Aunt Kari said...

So cute!!! He is a keeper! :)

kristi noser said...

What a cute pic of the Gabester! Love it. I feel your joy and pain at having one of your own leave for a mission trip. Ellen will never be the same girl, God really does His work when people are among the needy. Godspeed Ellen!
So exciting that when you come back you'll be close to Joey! Sweet!