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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For Dana

Dana is sad that I have written so little here lately. So, I'll tell a story that she doesn't know I know.

A week and a half ago Dana celebrated her 18th birthday with eight girl friends. We decorated with lights and snowflakes and candles and I planned, cooked, and served a four course mystery dinner. It was all part of my gift to her. She and her friends had a good time, enjoyed the food, and had fun watching each other eat salad, lasagna, and cheesecake, sometimes with but more often without utensils.

Dana, however, doesn't know that she also gave me a gift that night. The girls played a game where someone read a question from pre-printed cards, everyone else wrote their answers to the question, and the reader had to guess which answer went with each person.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up the supper dishes when I heard the reader ask, "If you could pick anyone to go out for dinner with who would it be?" The list of answers read something like this:

My future husband
A special someone
Audrey Hepburn
My husband-to-be
My Mom
Susan Sarandon
My future husband

Can you guess what most of these girls have on their minds!?

Well, the guesses were made, the correct answers revealed, and I learned that my Dana's answer had been, "My Mom"--and she didn't even know I could hear them.

I love you, Dana!


Keelie said...

That's awesome! I truly my children feel that way about me one day!

Anonymous said...

Aww - I teared up :)

Katie W.

kristi noser said...

I lopve to hear these kinds of things--especially when they don't know you're listening and aren't just "butterin' the biscuits". We also love to play that game. Hilarious!

Dana said...

Mom, I do love you!!! When the question was read I just couldn't help but think of the amAzing times we've spent together...scrap booking in Antigo, random shopping in Wausau or Rhinelander, and occasionaly lunch or dinner. You're more fun than any guy can be and I can tell you anything and everything!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Aunt Kari said...

I LOVE LOVE! You two are so cute and what every mother and daughter should be.