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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day

Daniel and his family came to spend a wonderful couple of days with us this week. Everyone enjoyed a variety of card games and hiding games--including running the circle of the house in the dark (you should see that Mr. Kleven play "Sneaky Teaky"...or was it "Sneaky Peekie"?). We all had a great time out at a recreational camp snow tubing and playing broomball. Ellen, these pictures are for you, WE MISSED YOU!!

First we went tubing. Chet actually went down the hill like this. He looked kind of like a big pack of black licorice lifesavers, if there were such a thing.

Gabe--just loved every minute of it, runny nose and all, until his hands got cold. Then he was positively DONE!



Light and Dana

Katie and Maria


Gabe leading the way for the train.

Lisa catching a ride up the hill with Keith--she loves having big brothers, and not just for the rides!

The Ever-So-Competitive Broomball Game

Mendo and Daniel wishing their feet would slide the other way

Looking for the ball to come down

Chet and Daniel ready to go at it

Daniel, after a face washing by.....????

On Friday most of the group went ice fishing, braving single digit temperatures and moderate wind. Dad asked the Klevens to each describe the experience: Mr. K--It was great. Micah--It was fun. Katie--It was fun, marvelous, fantastic, the best time fishing I've ever had. Daniel--It was cold. I think Daniel's my kind of ice fisherman. Ellen, you'll have to buddy up with his sister for future extravaganzas, as Dad calls them.

Somehow four large fish got left in a sled full of my kitchen. Any need to wonder what my second reason is for not liking ice fishing?


Ellen said...

Thank you so much for this, Mom. I so wish I could have come home for just those few days. I am having a good time here though and look forward to this next week as everything will be picking up and we'll be pretty busy. Then I won't have time to miss you all!


Katie said...

As we were driving home the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder what we ever did with those fish?........"

I never got the chance to thank you Cindy for all the delicious meals you served us and who knows how much work to get everything ready for us to invade your home, so Thank You!!! (P.S. Could one of you get Lisa to say the color blue for me? I never managed to get her to say it.)

aunt kari said...

Great pictures. Looked like you had a wonderful time! I love you!