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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The difference an 's' makes Part 2

Every family has them (or should)--work lists, jobs, chores, to do lists--whatever you want to call them, those responsibilities that are meant to build character and help parents stay sane while trying to run the household.

In our house we call them "jobs" and we have a job chart listing the responsibilities of each person with a small stipend attached to each job. At the end of the week Mom tallies up the completed jobs and makes a payment.

A few days ago Owen said to me, "It's weird that I have money even though I don't have a job."

"Oh?", I responded, "Then how do you get your money?"

"Jobs," he answered.

Did I miss something?

1 comment:

kristi noser said...

That's like people saying SAHMs don't "work".
I think he meant a job that doesn't require the payment of TAXES, yeah that's it.