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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A horse by any other name

We just got home from our "activity afternoon". While Shane played basketball, Bryce and Owen played hockey, and Gabe ate crayons in Adventure Alley, Lisa and I went swimming at the Y. I've been adding a few 30 minute sessions of laps to my spinning in hopes of getting my good cholesterol numbers up, and maybe the numbers on the scale down. After the laps I swam with Lisa.

She did not encourage me any as we played together. "You swim and I'll get on your back," she said. "I'll be the rider and you be the water horse!"

Could she really remember from our science lessons that water horse is the actual meaning of the word "hippopotamus"?


kristi noser said...

Make sure to watch for technicolor poop. hehheh.

Anonymous said...

At least your husband never called you hippa-potta-woman when you were pregnant. Good thing for him that I have a sense of humor!

Mary :)