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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gabe's Heart

I mentioned in a November post with the same title that we learned Gabe would be needing to have his heart fixed. We just didn't know how or when.

Now we know a little bit more. The report from the heart surgeon in Milwaukee came back and it looks like Gabe should be able to have the repair done with the insertion of a device through a catheter, rather than open heart surgery.

We are SO thankful for this report. The hospital in Milwaukee will be calling soon to schedule the procedure (we're hoping to have it done this summer). It is possible that they will have to change their plans and go with the open heart surgery after performing an internal (sedated) echocardiogram, which will be done just prior to the catheter procedure. If that test shows the hole too close to a valve then the device would not be an option. What it all means is that we need to go down there prepared to stay a week, but expecting to come home the next day.

Please continue to pray for Gabe as you think of him that he would indeed be able to have the less invasive surgery. I am amazed at what can be done for so many children with heart defects, and especially those that are more serious than Gabe's. We recently watched the film "Something the Lord Made" which tells a very touching story about the doctors who pioneered these procedures and have made life a possibility for so many who had little or no hope. I would highly recommend this factual and challenging film. Although it is rated NR our TVG was kept busy deleting something (just a warning).


kristi noser said...

Oh, that is good news, that the hole can be fixed, and I will pray that the catheter can be used to close the hole and that you only have to stay one night. Love you Gabe!

Keithslady said...

Thank you thank you Kristi! Gabe will have to pop in on you when we get that way and thank you himself (sign language Gabe style--he about gives himself a bloody lip as he smacks his mouth).