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Monday, January 26, 2009


Have you ever wondered what's up with the bank time/temp displays? It seems that no two temperatures in town are ever the same. I've wondered if their thermometers are that much different or if they're just bent on having temp wars trying to prove who's right. Yesterday I think I found the answer.

We drove past one bank and the temp said, O.

Two blocks later, -O.


Kristy said...

LOL Yep! They are definitely in competition!
Thanks for the laugh!

Dana said...

That's really funny! I guess I never really payed attention to the difference in their temps. interesting.

A Garden Girl said...

We have one bank thermometer in town that we trust, but we know the others are off. Last summer a sign at an insurance office displayed 266 degrees every day. Now it was hot, but not that hot!!!

kristi noser said...