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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold Glee

We sat at the table tonight a very somber group. I don't know what was in the air but it was unsettled in our dining room. The teens were quiet, the little guys were loud and irritating, and I was looking at the clock wondering how soon to push bed time.

Then came the call. Owen jumped up to get it, read the caller ID, and announced, "It's the school!" The place came alive. Everyone straightened up, they began to smile, and they watched expectantly as I put the phone to my ear, listened to the recorded greeting, and pressed the speakerphone button so they could all hear those magical, life-transforming words, "School is cancelled tomorrow."

I've never seen a group of kids go from grumpy to gleeful so quickly. And it wasn't the little kids who were so happy, the only ones we have in school are the high school students!

PS Teresa, if you see this--Mendo doesn't have to go to school on Thursday, I think he was the happiest of all!


Keelie said...

Ah, snow days, or cold days I guess! Something I didn't get to experience till I was working in the school system, and believe me, teachers are no less giddy to get that call!:)

Keithslady said...

With kids both home and at the public school our home schedule follows the school so all of our kids get a break today (and I'm the giddy teacher!).

Asil said...

Oh no - don't let my kids find this out! I mentioned that we could take today off, but then we'd have to skip next Thursday's ski trip with our homeschool group. They wisely chose to do school!

By the way, it was -18 (air temp - I don't know what it was with wind chill)this morning and there is no school running anywhere close to us. I wonder - do they laugh at us in International Falls?

Keep warm!


Dana said...

I'm LOVIN this!!! I have a long weekend, and work's going great today and because of the freezing coldness, I have a beautiful clear view out my window here!!! :D

Teresa said...

I can understand how happy Mendo was,seeing he seems to be so happy at home.
Funny enough, even though one is grown up, not having to go to school always seems to be delightful...