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Thursday, January 8, 2009

It takes a scientist.....really?

If you saw Yahoo's main page today maybe you noticed this headline down on the bottom left of your screen:
"Scientists determine that head banging is bad for health."

Really? Scientists determined that, did they?
I wonder how long they studied it.
I wonder who agreed to take part in those scientific studies.
I wonder how many people are now going to sue because they were actually hoping that the head banging they'd agreed to do was going to enhance their lives.
I wonder when the headline "Lay persons determine that individuals who actually clicked on and read the previous headline need to have their heads banged" will show up.

Head banging is a serious concern among family members of those for whom this is a problem and a reality. I hardly think they need "scientists" to tell them that it's "bad for health"!


Keelie said...

I keep hoping that if I ignore my son while he's doing this very thing, he'll stop doing something bad for his health!:/

That's hilarious!

Joey said...

Wait a minute, posting a news story? I thought that was my blog... :)

Keithslady said...

I know, Joey. I almost didn't post because I thought, "This is Joey's deal!" But, I just had to, it was too stupid not to.