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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guyana Blog

Ellen asked me to start a blog for her and Katie (it is called EKG for Ellen, Katie, and Guyana and the heart work that is going on there) so they could keep people up to date on their experiences and work in Guyana. They have very limited computer time and thought this would be a quick way to share their information. I posted the first entry with pictures of their departure from the frozen north almost ten days ago. I look forward to hearing their news from "the sauna", as Ellen has described it. You can read about them at


Asil said...

Thanks for doing this Cindy - We'll be praying for Katie and Ellen, and following this blog!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Lisa from down south

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Guess what, we've got a new laptop. I am back responding to blogs etc. I am glad you posted Ellen's blog. I am excited to follow her journey. I try to imagine how it is for you, missing her like you must. My girls have a hard time sleeping if I'm not upstairs... so I think a trip like this is far in my future if ever. Glad to be back in touch.
Nice to have time to figure it out.
Love ya!