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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phun Phonics with Gabe

We've been caring for our Minnesota twins this week (Carson and Keira) and have read LOTS and LOTS of books. After nap time today I was reading an alphabet book to them along with a very enthusiastic Gabe and we were on the M page. There was a picture of a motorcycle and Gabe quickly called out, "Bike!"

I said, "No Gabe, remember, it starts with 'm'."

"Oh," he said, giving me a funny look, "a mike."


Anonymous said...

Once again I say, "that kid is really age appropriate" rhyming... questioning... he "gets it!" Yay, Gabe, yay, You!

Keithslady said...

It really excited me that he put that together. He will be going through the testing at school to apply for services so we'll see what that says. Mr. Gabe is signed up for 2 days a week of 4K. Totally new ground for me.