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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Detective Work

If you have a smelly closet and

1) you have tried using a deodorizor, without success; and
2) you have looked for hidden stinky shoes, but there aren't any; and
3) you have tried leaving the closet door open, but it doesn't help

then you might want to investigate the possibility that the culprit (i.e.possessor of the clothes in the closet) is actually hanging up their clothes at the end of the day instead of putting them in the hamper. Upon further inspection, you may find seventeen (that's 17) soiled shirts on hangers that are overpowering your feeble attempts to expel the unpleasant odor.

One load of laundry, one more problem solved.


Lisa R. said...

LOL Cindy! This wasn't by any chance a boy's closet was it? :0)

Still waiting on baby here, I'm "due" on the 17th, so any day now would be good.

Have a great week!

Lisa from down south where we haven't had any frost advisories yet!

Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to me once. We could smell something terrible in the basement, looked for forgotten food, dead mice, sprayed, vacuumed etc.

After nearly calling the police to help us locate the dead body, we
finally found the meat that I had taken out of the basement fridge/freezer while digging for something else, and put on top of the fridge (basement side by side) for lack of a better open space.

I reorganized the freezer, after locating whatever it was that I had sought and you guesssed it. Forgot the pork loin on top of the fridge. PEEEEEEEEEEEEEyoooooooo!
Lynn from MI (as anonymous)

Keithslady said...

Lisa, you must raise boys!

Lynn, YUCK! How long did it sit there before you figured it out? I worked with a woman who forgot a turkey carcass in her oven and also thought of calling CSI.

HMN said...

Hi. :) I clicked the link to your blog from Jen Crim's blog, which I get from Kara Jo's blog. :) I saw that you mentioned on Jen's blog something about making homeschooling work (you know, without going crazy) and I'm sooo interested to hear your tips. I am just starting on the homeschooling journey and already feeling overwhelmed with life. My blog is you could leave a comment with any words of advice, how to organize, etc it would be greatly appreciated!

kristi noser said...

That's a new one! I have never heard of that before--a boy that HANGS STUFF UP! What is the world coming to?

Kara Jo said...

Oh my stars!