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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clean--From the Inside Out

Sunday morning Gabe woke up with a blow out diaper to beat all diapers. From chest to knees, inside and out of that diaper it was toxic. I skipped the wet wipes and went straight for the tub. The pajamas got washed out in the toilet although I actually considered throwing them away.

Gabe had spent half the day with Grandma on Saturday so I asked her what he'd eaten! Nothing out of the ordinary, she assured me. We tried to blame it on the milk, but he's had cow's milk before without such results.

This morning Shane asked me, "Did I tell you about Gabe eating half a bar of soap when I gave him a bath Saturday night?"

"No, you didn't." Mystery solved.


Amy Lu said...

Well... I guess you could say he's clean inside and out! :o)

kristi noser said...

Wonder how many bubbles came out th...never mind.

Anonymous said...

Tht is sooooooooooooooo totally gross!!!!!!!!!

Abigail Silverberg

Ellen said...

HHAHAHAHA. I'm audibly laughing. That is so funny.

Krystal said...

LOL, all three of my boys have had one of these kinds of blow outs!
My youngest is by far the one who will continually gross me out with his blow outs on a daily basis.
I cannot wait for this summer so I can start potty training him.