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Monday, April 26, 2010

Vote For Dave!!

Chet asked me to vote for his friend Dave, whose idea has been entered in an online scholarship contest. I am loyal to Dave. He (along with his fairly new wife Kristi) is one of only a handful of people who traveled almost 1000 miles to Chet and Priscilla's JANUARY wedding in Wyoming. I voted for him.

Today, I decided to be fair and check out all ten nominations for the scholarship. I still liked Dave's idea the best.

Check out and click on "Voting" to see the entries (look for Dave's at Idea #9 Maple Syrup: Using Michigan's Natural Resourses). Of the ten entries, only two are presenting ideas that motivate Michigan's economy through some sort of tangible product development. The other eight are focused on tax cuts, economic juggling, tourism, and educational motivation.

As we discussed in one of our homeschool sessions in our living room last week, economy is based on production. Without production or manufacturing you lose the structure that supports education, tourism, and banking (as well as health, construction, retail, and service industries) and generates tax money. Lifting tax burdens may ease the burden on current businesses but it can not be counted on to be a lasting solution to long term economic problems.

So, I voted for Dave--Idea #9 Maple Syrup: Using Michigan's Natural Resourses--because I like and want to support Dave. I'm asking you to check it out and vote for him because I like and want to support Dave AND because I think he has a good idea!



Anonymous said...

I checked it out and, I did vote for him. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

I checked it out, and I did vote for him. Great idea!