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Friday, November 5, 2010

Husky Fever

We've been travelling up to Houghton for Michigan Tech University football games for seven years, some years more faithfully than others. With Keith having played offense and now Chet on defense I'm actually getting the game figured out. I knew something had changed last week when I found myself getting excited and calling out to the quarterback, "Hurry! Hurry!", as I watched the clock (maybe called a play clock?--ok, I still have a ways to go) wind down. Not too long ago the refs would have blown the whistle, called a penalty, and I'd be asking, "What happened?"

We've had gorgeous weather this season and have kept the rain panchos in the van. This year's Huskies were not forecasted to make any waves but making waves is exactly what they've been doing. Despite two losses they have been an impressive team to watch and last Saturday they defeated the number one team in the conference, Grand Valley State University. I've never seen Tech beat GVSU before. Not many people had. It hadn't happened since 1984, just before Joey was born.

If the Huskies can hold out and win their final two games they will very likely be heading to the Division II play-offs. If that happens it is also possible that Chet will be missing Dana's wedding. We have some children who are hoping for some very different outcomes to the season! I remain neutral.

Here are some highlights from the last few games.

Pre-game with Michigan Tech's highly spirited pep band

Gabe loves to direct.

And the fans love to watch Gabe.

I can always find Chet on the sidelines--his unhelmeted head makes a great contrast against the black helmets.

The Husky defense has been unbelievable this year. They held Grand Valley to only 16 yards rushing--the entire game. I like to keep my eye on #7. (So does the offense.)

My biggest 'blunder' of the day, I shot a rapid-fire sequence and ended with this picture. While waiting for the camera to download so I could shoot again Chet made it to the sideline and got a beautiful interception. It's so hard to know when a play is going to happen! OK, maybe it's impossible.

On offense, #5 Phil Milbrath has been unstoppable. Against GVSU he amassed more yards than the entire Grand Valley team. Yes, he broke this tackle, too.

In sync "dance sequence"

Unfortunately for Grand Valley they kept seeing things like this last week...

...and this

Half time entertainment

Lisa (in 3rd) was leading the pack until she failed to realize she had to turn around and run back across the field to the starting point.

The Husky Mascot makes his rounds

Celebrating the 20-17 vicory!

Littlest Fan, Karissa (3 1/2 months)

Last ones on the field following the exhilerating Grand Valley defeat

Chet and Priscilla

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