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Monday, June 6, 2011

Troy's Graduation

We officially have more children who have graduated from high school than have not. Troy surprised himself by graduating in the top 10% of his class. Troy was motivated by his desire or need to learn. If a class was interesting or relevant he applied himself (i.e. he dominated the upper math classes but only limped through beginning Spanish). He was not spurred on by GPAs or grade competitiveness. He should do very well at the college level where he can focus on classes in his engineering major. Way to go, Troy!

Lining up to enter the stadium, you can see our very late spring trees still at the end of their bloom.

Receiving his diploma, tenth to the last out of 213.

Switching the tassels.

A perfect sunny, 75 degree day.

A mock interview by the brothers, complete with radio personality mimicry. Shane can do a very impressive Jeremy Mayo!

A group photo of the middle brothers

I took the first photo and Chet said, "OK, take another, I won't stand on my toes." People who don't know his family ask if he's the tallest of his siblings. In many families 6'1" would be the tallest. Not so with us. Shane at 6'5" (for now) is actually the tallest, but Keith at 6'4" often stands the tallest.

Chet has fun playing it up though.

What a handsome couple of guys! As we walked into the stadium one of the students asked Shane, "Hey! Is that your dad?" He acknowledged that he was and the boy replied, "He wears a fedora?! Your dad is the man!" Oh yeah.

Congratulations Troy!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, feel like I was there. He looks a lot like pictures of Joey, to me.