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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ski Day/Scrap Day

Yesterday was Homeschool Day at Big Powderhorn Mountain Ski Area. Kids (and parents) got a lift ticket, ski or snowboard rental, a lesson, and lunch for $12. It's an amazing deal! Powderhorn doesn't make any money off of this deal and I'm not even sure they break even. It has to purely be a marketing scheme/goodwill gesture. The marketing part certainly works for people who live nearby, but even my kids are talking about how fun it would be to spend a few days there, stay in the lodge, and ski. As for winter vacations, it would be cheaper than taking a longer trip to drive south and they'd be experiencing their home environment and getting a lot of exercise while doing it. I'll have to talk to Keith about that one...



Quinn and Bryce

Bryce wanted me to get a picture of him going off the jump (he actually wanted me to walk out onto the hill and up to the jump to get a good shot--I chose to get a mediocre shot with zoom. I had trouble discerning which skier was him and even seeing what was in my view finder (looking into blinding white). I was thrilled to see that I got it!

Sadly, I was unable to take advantage of the great deal. I had just had an MRI on my knee the previous day (probable torn miniscus) and I didn't think skiing would improve my recovery. But, I didn't want to sit in the lodge all day and do nothing. So, I put together a stack of pictures, matched them with background paper, packed up some scissors and pens, and ended up completing 10 pages for a scrapbook. I haven't been that photo-productive in years! It also reminded how much I like having photo records of our family--yes, I cry when I look back at family photos. So, it encouraged me to get on track with my albums and I got a stack of photos sorted and in their albums today and even ordered another set of prints that were uploaded but never printed.

I love days off that result in fun for the children and enjoyable productivity for me!

Note: A HUGE thank you to Dana for keeping Gabe for me. He would have cried to go out on the slopes the entire time, I would have accomplished nothing, and we both would have been exhausted by the end of the day.

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June Bug said...

Mom2 you sound like my mom taking your scrapbooking stuff along while your children ski and board the slopes. Glad you got so much done. One of these days I need to pick my stuff up out of the dust and work on it!!!