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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grandchildren Update

I have this picture set as the background on my computer and seeing it reminded me that I didn't post our December group photo. They're tired, battling colds, and somewhat confused by all of the parents clapping hands and snapping fingers trying to get them to smile! At least everyone has their eyes opens and nobody's crying.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of six of my seven cuties (photos of Cameron coming up next month)!

Carson--the eyes say it all, mischief, trouble, and plotting for action! You can just tell there is an endless well of energy simmering below the surface of this rambunctious little guy. He runs and throws and jumps and moves on to the next things before you've figured out where he's just been. This is exactly how I remember many little "White boys"!

Keira--she kept patiently sweeping her tongue back and forth trying to eat this ice cream as if she wasn't quite sure if really had it or not. Keira completely stole my heart (as if she hadn't already) in December when she followed me around with hands up saying, "Nana, up?" with quiet persistence and patience. It paid off, we skipped cookie baking in exchange for Keira-holding and book-reading.

Vince--the boys give it away with the eyes. Vince's piercing brown eyes are contemplating, calculating, and just figuring it all out. He just delights me with his huge grin and gleeful "Nana!" whenever he sees me walking up to his house through the window. I swear this guy has some secret intuition and knows when I'm coming.

Karissa--lively, spunky, persistent and joyful. She has the same sing-song-ey, cracking voice that her Mama had as a toddler. I hadn't even remembered Ellen's being like that until I heard Karissa in a cute little video spelling home--"H--O--M--E....home!" Add to that her favorite answer of "Yep" and we just can't help laughing.

Sadie--easy, content, and scheduled. I don't remember "schedule" being part of my vocabulary with my babies before they were 6 months old. But Sadie knows just what she needs and when; and, as long as Mom obliges everything is fine. She likes bolting her meals, going to bed early, and getting rocked by her Daddy.

Veda--bright-eyed, cheerful, and eager to go. Veda likes a frequent change of scenery both with places and people. She wants little to do with a schedule because you never know when something unexpected might happen that you don't want to miss! Veda loves attention, ceiling fans, and her Daddy.

I just love having three of these little ones close by and really, really can't wait to spend some time with the others in the coming weeks!


Julie Sheehan said...

They are all beautiful!! You are one blessed grandmother!!!!

Keith said...

Awesome post! Nice clear pics. Vince does love his Nana, as I'm sure all of your nandchildren will:) We'll see how long you can upload pictures of each nandchild individually in the same post!