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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Different Kind of Grocery Store Kid

Yesterday, I took Gabe to a small, local grocery store that he had never been in. He loves to be a helper and called out, "Come on Mom!" and "Let's get started!" as we entered the store. He was excitedly moving me through the aisles, putting my items in the cart, and pointing out things we had to get. It was all pretty cute.

We went through the produce section and picked the things we needed and I headed up another aisle while he lingered. He hollered after me,
"Mom, can we get some broccoli?!"
I replied,
"No Gabe, we already have broccoli at home."
He gave an unhappy grunt, "Uhhh", and then ran to join me, delighted to find something else to put in the cart.

A stunned shopped looked at him with her jaw open and asked, "How do you get him to do that?"

I wasn't sure if she meant 'ask for broccoli' or 'take no for an answer'. Either way, it is refreshing for people to be able to see Gabe act in a non-typical way that is positive and shows what a joy a child with Down syndrome can be!

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