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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mid-winter Update for Heidi and Svein Olav

To the Kjeve family--Here is a picture diary for you of the last few months of 2014.

With 11 grandchildren there are often little ones in the house and we have had several of them stay with us for two or three days to give their parents a break. Here is Christoffer reading with Veda and then with her little brother Isaac.

I thought I had a photo inside the house on Thanksgiving day with all of the tables set up and guests seated, but I must not have downloaded it yet. This picture shows a group of the guys (and a few girls) out in the back field playing football. It is one of the favorite Thanksgiving traditions for our children. They would rather miss the turkey than the football game!

Between the holidays we took the trip to Florida. I think everyone agreed it was worth missing school and having to catch up with the homework! I have included just a sample of the photos from the trip.

We drove about 3 hours to see Owen and Bryce play a basketball game and then left from there for our trip. We drove through the night to Louisville, Kentucky. Usually Keith drives until about 1:00 and then I take over. However, with Christoffer sitting in the front seat next to him the two of them talked all night and Keith made it all the way to Louisville. I don't think that's ever happened before! Yeah Chris! I got to sleep!

We toured the Louisville Slugger factory where baseball bats are made.

We drove on to Chattanooga, Tennessee stopping at Mammoth Caves and Kentucky and then going to an underground cave and waterfall called Ruby Falls. This is the falls with colored lights and then Christoffer in front of the falls. (The flash reflected off of the water spray.)

Up above the caves we toured above-ground rock formations and enjoyed the views on Lookout Mountain. The boys enjoyed posing on this balcony. I refused to even step on it!

As often as possible the football and aerobi (like a frisbee) came out and the boys played. This is a park on Lookout Mountain. I don't remember if we were in Tennessee or Georgia, we were right on the border.

I love this picture of Christoffer catching the football.

Here is Bryce catching the aerobi between his legs.

Owen and Christoffer loved battling for the football thrown by Bryce. Owen is taller, but Chris jumps higher!

In Alabama, on our way to Panama City, Florida, we stopped at a cotton field and let everyone examine the plants up close.

Our days in Panama City were a highlight of the trip. We all enjoyed our time on the Gulf, even though the temperatures were a bit cool. At least the local people thought it was cool, these northerners thought it felt great!

More football throwing.

Bryce doing back flips off of a sand dune.

This is Christoffer standing on his head. His feet are on fire!

Gabe loves playing with Chris.

Disneyworld was a disappointment to the teenage boys, exhausting for Gabe, but absolutely wonderful for Lisa. The boys took Gabe back to the house after lunch and Lisa and I stayed and had a great time together.

The brothers!

It was strange to leave the warm weather and come home to Christmas preparations. I didn't realize how much the cold weather and snow make it feel like Christmas weeks before the 25th! We didn't put our tree up until the 22nd. Lisa and Gabe loved helping decorate the Christmas tree, but the guys were happy to play a game together.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning.

I took this picture of Christoffer with Lisa at Papa and Grandma's house. We went there with Keith's sister and her family and three of our married children with their families. We all sang Christmas songs and ate cookies in their small house.

We rented this house for four days and stayed in it with all of our children (except Troy) and grandchildren. It was a nice way to be able to all be together. Unfortunately, a lot of us got sick before, during, and after our stay.

Everyone had fun out on the lake.

Ice fishing was a favorite. This is Dana, our middle daughter.

The older ones got their exercise pushing the young ones across the ice on sleds (after they shoveled it)....

...and pulling them around the lake in a wagon (this is Christoffer and Vince).

Inside we relaxed, played games, and ate popcorn by the fireplace.

I'll try to update you a little more frequently. We can't believe that our time with Christoffer is half gone. It's going way too quickly.

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