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Monday, October 12, 2009

Surprise for Chet

It can be tough to keep secrets in a big family. But we did it. Priscilla drove with her sister (Lydia) and mother (Mary) from Wyoming to Michigan (with a stop in South Dakota, a detour through MN and WI, a drive back south into WI for a wedding shower, and then back up to Tech) to surpise Chet for the weekend and the homecoming game.

We had to give them a proper welcome to the north and this was the scene throughout the game--on October 10! The temps on the ground were above freezing, but the snow poured all aftenoon. (Chet's #43)

It certainly didn't dampen our spirits. Chet secured 32 tickets for friends and family to attend this game, and we all sat together on 50-yard-line seats. Chet had a good game. And the more they announced his name the louder we yelled. Papa, listening on the internet radio at home commented, "Ya'll must've been sitting right under the announcer because we heard loud screaming and yelling every time they announced his name."

When Chet was announced for taking part in the last tackle of the game we all cheered as enthusiastically as ever. Keith, jr., just one year out from watching the defense from the sidelines in uniform, looked back at us in disgust and said, "They just lost the game (although they tackled the guy, he got a first down to seal the loss for the Huskies), learn the game!" We didn't care, our mission was to support Chet no matter what the score.

I would have liked to have gotten some pictures of Chet and Priscilla together, but the snow and cold made it a very difficult afternoon for Lisa and Gabe, hence for me too. When I tried to take a few pictures later the lens was fogged and then I forgot about it! Guess we'll have to wait for wedding pictures.

Here are a few from the mystery dinner/shower we had on Friday night.

Lisa served three courses to all of the guests. I couldn't have done it without her!

Dana and Priscilla

Pat, Suzette, and Wendy

Lauren, Katie, and Nicole

Kelly and Mama


Keelie said...

Honestly Aunt Cindy, you NEVER slow down do you?! I don't know how you keep up with everything. I'd be completely gray now if you life was mine! And I'm gray enough as it is! I need to loosen up!:)

Dana said...

Very cute!!! I am SOOO glad I had Bryce bring me your camera now...blurry pictures or not! :) I love reading your blog...especially when you put up pictures! :)