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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big life, Big place, Big news

Since May we have lived a pretty full life here. Chet left for Wyoming; Ellen returned from Guyana; Dana, Mendo, and Light graduated from high school; Gabe went to Milwaukee for a heart catheterization; Chet returned and proposed to Priscilla; we planned Ellen's wedding; Chet was sick for three weeks; Joey and Jamie told us we were going to be grandparents; Troy, Shane, Bryce, and Owen all played baseball on different teams; Light and Mendo returned home; Gabe had open heart surgery; Chet had sinus surgery; Gabe had a secondary surgery for a staff infection and was hospitalized in Milwaukee when--Ellen and Daniel got married; Keith and Nicole told us we were going to be grandparents again; and now we're preparing for Chet's wedding while going about our usual homeschooling, applesauce-making, and football-game-attending. (Hats off to Lisa for not making the "busy list".)

Last week, Keith and I took a business/pleasure trip to Montana while Dana cared for the home and family. It couldn't have been any more appropriate for us to be,
driving across the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains,
when Joey called (can you believe I even got reception on the Continental Divide?!?!) to tell us that Keith and Nicole's child will not be our second grandchild, but rather our third....
the ultrasound revealed twins!
Everyone is very excited to say the least. However, our friend Rosalynn's reaction was my favorite. When I called and told her she couldn't stop laughing. Rosalynn has five-year-old twins.


Anonymous said...

Wowwy wow wow! Big time congrats girl! ...or can I call you that still! I think, yes!


Keelie said...

My mouth just fell wide open! I knew about Joey 'cause I keep up with his blog! That caused a mouth drop as well! And my reaction was something like - 'glad it's them and not me!' I can NOT imagine! But it's exciting all the same. Also glad I don't haven't had to go through child birth one right after the other!:/ Okay, anyway, my mouth dropped open this time because I had NO idea Keith and Nicole are pregnant! Now I need details! I guess I should facebook her! We're going to have to have a reunion after the babies are born!