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Friday, September 25, 2009

Info Processing

You just can't imagine how adorable it is to see 3 1/2 year old Gabe sitting in the midst of other 3-5 year old at the weekly library story time. He fits right in with all the kids and enjoys the stories immensely.

Gabe doesn't respond as quickly to the questions from librarian Mr. Tom as the others. Even if he knows an answer it takes him a little longer to process and by the time he gets it some other kids have beaten him to the punch. It doesn't bother him a bit. He gets as much enjoyment from just watching all that goes on around him. Still, he tries, and joins in with finger plays and other games as much as possible.

Yesterday, Mr. Tom was talking about pets. He asked the kids if anyone had a pet dog. About 10 hands went up with a chorus of, "I do! I do!" and names of animals were flying through the air. Mr. Tom hushed the roar and asked for a silent survey--good luck, they're 3-5 remember.

Next Mr. Tom asked if anyone had a pet cat. Up went the hands and more shouts of "I do!" Yes, we have cats, but Gabe just sat watching and chewing his finger.

"Does anyone have a fish? a bird?" More of the same.

Then Mr. Tom, always a smart alec for the parents' sake asked, "Does anyone have a pet beaver?"

It was quiet, until Gabe shot his arm up in the air and shouted, "I do!!"

Nobody beat him to the punch that time.

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Keelie said...

and do you? Oh, by the way, I liked your other profile picture better! The blue tongues were awesome!:)