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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Off to a....start

I thought school with only four at home was going to be a breeze--organized, productive,....easy! I forgot to factor in three-year-old Gabe. It's just too easy to get distracted by this fun guy.

First, I got everyone working on their chores and cleaning up their rooms. Gabe was getting an antibiotic treatment so I let him sit and watch "Blue's Clues". One by one the older childer were attracted to the scene. I'm telling you, "Put on a video, and they will come." This was the scene I walked into.
Not even close to age appropriate, but way too close to the screen!

We turned it off and sat down for devotions, trying to keep our highly-energized-morning-person, Gabe, somewhat close to quiet and still. One tickle by Bryce set him off and I couldn't resist grabbing the camera. (Notice him saying and signing 'ouch' after hitting Bryce on the head.)

In case you wondered just how well Gabe is recovering from open heart surgery and a recent week in the hospital with a staph infection that pretty much says it all.

The day ended fairly successfully with an adequate amount of work (for the first day) accomplished. However, we did not eat supper in the dining room (table piled high with schoolwork) and the kitchen, well, how in the world can a kitchen go from beautifully clean and functional to counter-top-hazard in just ten hours??!

Three meals, five loads of laundry, one swept house, multiple puzzles and books with Gabe, three schoolday schedules, and an aerobi game with Owen later I just didn't have the energy to do anything more after 10:30 PM. Maybe if I'd joined Gabe in this relaxing looking nap in the afternoon I'd have perked up a bit.

On the other hand, I just don't think so.


Keelie said...

Love the first pic and Caedmon enjoyed the video, as did I!:)

I found out today, as I'm babysitting two other children, that four is not so bad - the older three (ages 3,almost 2, and 1) play together and keep each other occupied - it's almost easier than two!:)

Joey said...

Um, excuse me posted this at 3:22 AM?!?

You should have called me and we could be late night buddies!

Keithslady said...

Keelie, four is a great number. In fact, I never had a certain number of children that I wanted but four was my minimum (for some very specific reasons of not liking 1, 2, or 3.)

Joey, I'm up from 3-4 every night/morning administering Gabe's antibiotics. I flush and clean and then the actual IV takes 30 minutes so I have to find something to do--without falling asleep.

Joey said...

Well lately I've had a knack for being up around the same time. With your new-found Facebook prowess you could probably chat me! :)