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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Northwoods Baptist Church Annual Sovereign Grace Camp and Conference

2009 marked the 13th year our church camp and conference has been held at Camp Nicolet on Franklin Lake. The first conference was held in the late 1970s (Suzette would know the exact year, of course) and the first camp/conference was held at Camp Algonquin in 1993. Since then we have hosted literally thousands of campers and families and it is the highlight of our year.

What goes on at the camp? First of all, you can't help but notice all of the families, as evidenced by all of the kids. They are free to use the facilities and round up any adults who might be eager to join in a game or two.

Campers of all ages lined up to number off for an ultimate frisbee game.

Volleyball is also popular with kids and adults. There is typically not as great a gap in the skill level as there may be in the ages of the players.

Marty (over 40) shows the younger guys how to do it.

Some play, some watch.....

Micah looks on, kept from the field by an injury. Even a tussle with the lawn mower couldn't keep him home from camp.

.....some prefer a more serious activity.

The little ones keep busy, too.

The waterfront is probably the most popular place to be.

Not even the rain could keep the die hard Klevens off the beach.

The preaching was a blessing this year with:
Don Johnson of Batesville, Arkansas

and newcomer Dan Stanley of Eau Claire

When the weather turned cold, Kevin got the fires going.

There have been a number of couples who've gotten together at camp over the years. We enjoyed having some of them with us this year.

Jonathan and Emily's families attended the same church about ten years ago and then separated to different states over 1500 miles apart. Both families have come to camp the past few years and Jonathan and Emily came as '6 week old' newlyweds this year.

Ellen and Daniel didn't meet at camp, but they chose an August 22 wedding date to coincide with camp so that more friends could attend, and so that they could make part of the week fit into their honeymoon plans. Here they are as '8 day old' newlyweds.

Finally, Jason and Nicole met at camp about eight years ago. Jason's family couldn't make it this year but Jason flew up for a long weekend with a ring burning a hole in his pocket. She said, "Yes!" and we look forward to wedding details in the near future.

There are a lot of kids counting down the days until next year already! And for only $35/person or $250/family there are some parents making plans and filling out reservations for their next vacation, too. Only 355 days to go....

(For more information go to and check out the Camp section.)

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