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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ellen and Daniel's Wedding Photos

Here are the promised pictures taken by Bob Mainhardt. I'm warning you, there are quite a few, 40 to be exact.

Chet singing and playing the piano, just like home

Chris, Arne, and Daniel

Joey and me

Owen and Maria

Josiah and Lisa

Keith and Ellen

A final kiss

Mother emotions

Young hands together

Old hands together

The Ceremony

Ellen and Daniel wrote their own vows, and read them to one another. They later signed the hand written documents and presented them to each other.

A foot washing ceremony was a beautiful representation of the servant spirit that the husband and wife should have for each other.

The kiss

Mr. and Mrs. Kleven

Posing for pictures

The Klevens

The Whites

In honor of Gabe, who was 250 miles away in the hospital, we all held up three fingers the way he does it.

Pictures in the Park

Role Reversal

Daniel with his brothers and sister

Ellen with her sisters



Keelie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks you! And it didn't even seem like 40 pics! Loved 'em!

Marcia Wilwerding said...

Thank you SO much! What a beautiful wedding! It just goes to show that you don't have to show off skin to have a lovely wedding party. ;) The dress is simply stunning.

Getting to know the Klevens family at camp was a real treat. A lovely wedding full of lovely people.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, great memories. He did a great job!
your anonymous friend

Kara Jo said...

Thanks for posting pictures! Fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! Ellen looked stunning in her dress. May the lord bless her as she begins a new chapter of her life.

Andrea Singh
Guyana/Corriverton Baptist

Abigail said...

BEAUTIFUL! it wasn't too many pictures at all - I enjoyed all of them :)

Keithslady said...

Andrea, I know Ellen was thinking of all of her Guyana family that day! Thanks for commenting.