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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gabe's Finale, or "The Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away"

I very much hope that this is the concluding post of Gabe's heart episodes. From his initial cardiac appointment in November, through the near catheter procedure, the open heart surgery, and now the incision infection you have been prayer warriors for him and our family and we all greatly appreciate it.

By the way, just to spice things up a bit on Monday I received a call from Shane at 10:30 AM. The wedding was over, Keith was back in Milwaukee, our twenty guests had eaten breakfast and helped enormously with home clean up and we were packing so as to get up to our church family camp (45 minute drive) asap.
And Shane called.
From football practice.
Which normally ends at 11 AM.
He said, "Mom can you come get me?"
Hmmm, he had a bike.
I asked, "Why?"
He said, "I have to leave early."
I asked, "Why?"
He said, "I need to get my wrist x-rayed."
No problem, I was hoping to spend the day at the hospital. So what did I do? I laughed. How could I do anything else? And we both prayed. And God mercifully answered in a way that pleased us both. We were out of the ER in just 30 minutes (have you EVER heard of that?) with the diagnosis of a sprain. I think sometimes God blesses laughter and a submissive acceptance of unalterable circumstances. He certainly did this time.

Back to Gabe. On Wednesday, he was released from the hospital. The message on my phone said, "This is Keith, it's 11 AM and Children's Hospital is in my rear view mirror." I'm sure Gabe was joining me with an, "Alleluia!"

The guys stopped at home where they met the Home Nurse and received instructions for cleaning the incision site and administering the IV antibiotics.

That evening at camp, in our rustic cabin, Keith passed on the instructions and I took over Gabe's care. I set the alarm for 3:30 AM, made the trip to the building that had a refrigerator (where some of the medication had to be stored) and then to the building where there was hot running water and soap. Back in the cabin I lit three candles and started in with alcohol swabs, saline flushes, antibiotics, and the rest. Gabe woke up, of course, and I was finally back in bed at 5:30.

Thursday was spent chasing Gabe on the tennis courts, pushing him in the swing, walking down the road kicking a ball, and trying desparately to keep his incision clean and safe, his PICC line clean and safe, and the rest of him generally clean. Camp does not run strong on "clean". It was a challenge.

By Friday morning I was exhausted and knew I had to go home. Neither of us were sleeping very well, the incision site wasn't looking as good as it had (confirmed by two nurses), and we left for home after lunch. I was feeling rather guilty for abandoning my family and not putting on my best camper face and making do.

Now, Saturday evening, the guilt is gone. We returned home to a very recently delivered package of antibiotics that needed to be refrigerated. Gabe and I both slept VERY well last night, and he has been supremely happy at home with his toys, books, and Blue's Clues. His incision looked very good this morning and I am not second guessing our desicion to return home.

So, what did the Lord give? He gave rapid healing to Gabe, allowing him to leave Milwaukee in less than a week, He gave healing to Shane as his wrist improves daily, He gave me wisdom to make the best choice for Gabe's location for optimum care, and He gave and is still giving blessings to those at the camp. Praise Him!

Now what, you ask, did He "taketh"? It's really just part of the saying, and I'm not exactly blaming God for the taketh part. But Gabe came home without his I've-only-had-them-for-a-month-Glasses.

Where are they? Somewhere on the highway about 130 miles north of Milwaukee. I forgot to warn Keith about shutting the windows.....


Anonymous said...

Glad Gabe is out of the hospital and you both are enjoying the right choice of being home in the quiet.

Sorry you missed the fellowship and fun at camp, and really sorry you are missing Gabe's glasses.

Working on an idea to help you keep them on that determined little man. I'll let you know if I come up with one.

Keithslady said...

I've considered and decided against: duct tape, super glue, and stitches.