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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ellen's Next, I Promise....Gabe update

Just a note on the wedding--it was beautiful!!! I will get detailed when I put the pictures up this afternoon.

Gabe survived almost 48 hours without us and did wonderfully. They called us at each shift change to tell us how he was and who was caring for him. On Saturday night after the reception, Keith was preparing for the 4 1/2 hour drive (hoping to arrive by 1 or 2 am) and called the nurse for some information. She pretty much told him,

"I have fallen in love with your son. He's not only captured my heart but he's the star of the show on this floor. He is happy with me and doesn't get inconsolable at all. While you're gone we have 2 nurses assigned to his care, and if you return I won't be assigned to him anymore. So, please, get some rest and don't come back yet."

Keith stayed, slept, went to church, enjoyed fellowship at the potluck, and got back to Milwaukee yesterday evening. He said Gabe was more excited to see his his glasses and "Love and Learning" (Gabe calls them "Apple") DVDs than to see Keith. I guess they REALLY had fun with him!

On Saturday the put in a PIC line (not sure of the spelling, some call it a central IV line) into an artery in his right arm. He has an echo test scheduled today. I don't think I've mentioned that he DID test positive for staff infection, so they know what they're treating.

It was very hard to be missing Gabe at the wedding. I noticed it the most when a picture of just the children was taken. The tears were on the brink. However, I've taken advantage of the benefits of hosting two dozen people and visiting with friends WITHOUT having the care of a three year old tornado. I determined that God planned it this way to protect Gabe from what he might of gotten into during all of this commotion! It certainly has allowed me to relax more and tend to guests, which I've been able to enjoy thoroughly.

But now, I'm ready to hear he's coming home!!!


Keelie said...

SO glad to hear everything went well with the wedding! Looking forward to pictures!

Especially glad Gabe is doing well and was taken care of with so much love! How well that all worked out!

Thankful you could thoroughly enjoy yourself! Now, try to relax!!!:) I often tell people about you and always say "I don't know how she does it!" :) I get stressed these days just because my daughter is often cranky!:/

Kim Hairston said...

After complaining to my husband and God about how hard life is, I used you guys as an example of how hard it must be for ya'll, consoling myself about this phase of life. Little did I know what was really going on! God continues to sustain and provide.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to hear more about the Gabester. I'm guessing that YOU are now the one in Milwaukee, and we'll hear more when you have more time.

Would have loved to meet him, may be another time. Hope all is well with everyone, you enjoy "camp" and looking forward to an update.