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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Cousins

This post is especially for Joey & Jamie, Chet, Kenny, Cindy, Keelie & family, Keesha & Jeremie, Kip, Kaleb, Joshua & family, Jay & family, Jared, Kyla, Marty K, Keenan, Katie, Quinna, Julina. Without you it wasn't a complete family reunion, but I thought you'd enjoy taking part a little through pictures.

With six children, thirty-plus grandchildren (and one more on the way--not me), 7 great-grandchildren (and one more on the way), the offspring of Daddy and Mama (aka Papa and Grandma) usually enjoy getting together for some large family gatherings. Recently, part of the Texas contingent was up north and we all (or in groups) enjoyed: eating, playing baseball, swimming, eating, golfing, boating, eating, hanging out, tubing, socializing, and eating.

Here are some pictures from one of our picnics. It's always to nice to be at a park where there's plenty to do for all ages. The play area for the younger kids was great.

Lauren, posing beautifully on the curly slide.

Gabe using it another way.

Owen, Kirk, and Lisa at the climbing wall.

Lisa, having reached her destination.

Gabe, LOVED the little car. Lauren wasn't brave enough to join the crazy man at the wheel!

But Zachary was.. (if you noticed that Gabe HAD his glasses on and now does not, rest assured that they made it into Keith's pocket)

Owen, Jonathan, Bryce, and Sean hang out more than play.

The basketball court drew some of the older crowd.

Seth, Kent, Ellen, Daniel on Troy, Brett, Shane, Patrick

Ellen, Katie, Kent, Daniel

Katie, Kent, Seth, Brett, Shane, Troy, Patrick, Ellen

Troy, Daniel, Kent, and Seth

The park even had a Saturday evening event for spectators. They're watching....

.......lawn tractor racing. That's a lawn mower with a go-kart engine.

And then there's the activity enjoyed by all age groups...eating.

Setting up. Grandma, Kelly, Dana, Keith (supervising?)

Kyle, Keith, and Jodi

Paul and Lauren

Brett, Paul Michael, and Mark

Grandma and Papa (I love Bryce in the background)

We're looking forward to more "reunionizing" at Ellen's wedding next week!


Keelie said...

Thanks for the pics!! Love 'em! I have to admit, I'm a little behind on news and such. Who's expecting another grandchild? And who's Paul? And I really wanted to come "reunionize" at Ellen's wedding as well, but I took a three hour "trial run" trip down state and decided that that was about Caedmon's limit, and a seven hour trip by myself (Corey has to be here on Sunday) was just a little crazy right now!:/ Hopefully one day sooner rather than later...

Anonymous said...

That was so cool to see, thanks! Ok who's expecting the grandchild -because it's not me......


Keithslady said...

I thought an email would have been sent, sorry! Um....she's under the age of 45.... :)

Joey said...

An email has most definitely NOT been sent, so thanks for telling us! :)