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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Next Best Thing

A benefit of being an "old couple" surrounded by "young love" is the reminder of what those new feelings were like and catching the contagious romanticism in the air. And boy is it ever thick around here!

Ellen and her fiance are separated by about 150 miles and exactly three weeks,
Chet and his fiancee are separated by about 1200 miles exactly five months,

and Dana's boyfriend is in California on route to a military tour in Afghanistan--approximately one year.

Chet wrote this song for Priscilla and we're all walking around singing the catchy tune. I think it sums up the sentiments of a few people around here. I was even under the spell this week as my own sweetheart was away on business for four days (I know, it doesn't compare to the other three. But gone is gone and I'm glad he's back!!)


Keelie said...

I hate when Corey is gone as well! And I love that after so many years of marriage Uncle Keith is still your sweetheart!:)
I also enjoy watching young love - I miss those days of new love!:)

Keelie said...

So I commented before I watched the video...

I want to clap and yell "YAY!!!" :) Loved it! Way cute, although I'm not sure I could walk around singing the catchy tune - pretty sure I'd get tongue tied!:)
Very talented he is!:)

Keithslady said...

We DO get tongue tied, but I've about got the chorus down. Come on over and we'll have a piano/chorus/jam session!

Emily said...


Keelie said...

Would love that! And I was singing it all that day!:) Just a lot of humming going one and a few words here and there!:)