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Friday, July 31, 2009

I love my CNP!

I recently went in for my annual physical (with my Certified Nurse Practitioner) and was surprised to learn that my cholesterol is TOO LOW. I didn't know that was possible. Janet advised me to make several changes to my diet and exercise routine to help with the problem. First of all, maybe I need to make the exercise "routine" before I think about making changes to what isn't.

Anyway, this is my favorite suggestion/mandate, and boy have I been diligent in keeping up with it!
PS I haven't gotten to the exercise part yet, so if my cholesterol isn't going up at least my weight is.
PPS Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover this prescription, it's all out of pocket.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, you make me laugh!

Becky J

Anonymous said...

Now that is a prescription I could live with. You make sure you keep up with that! Wish we could mix our cholesterol up, then I wouldn't need the Lipitor, but you might not want to lose the chocolate scrip.
Take care!

Keelie said...

Yep, a prescription we ladies would all love to have!!!:) That is awesome!!! And I need help with an exercise routine as well! Baby fat from #2 didn't go away so quickly!:/

Keithslady said...

I saw your "before baby #2" pictures and it didn't look like you had an extra ounce of fat! I did OK until about number six, since then it's been a matronly struggle!

Keelie said...

Ya know, people get frustrated with me when I say something about my baby fat, but my perspective is my clothing and I still can't fit into a lot of my clothes! And I don't want to go shopping yet...hopeful I guess!:)