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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Please pray for Chet

Poor Chet has been sick, sick, sick. He started running a fever with headache and dizziness 17 days ago.
On day 4 he got a red, sore throat and later developed sores in his throat (still had a fever).
On day 5 he was the best man in a friend's wedding, surviving the few hours on ibuprofen.
On day 7 he went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic (tests ruled out mono and CBC was normal).
On day 9 (no change, still running 103 degree fever) he switched antibiotics and again blood tests were normal. Tests were run for strep and CMV (both normal).
On day 11 he had his first fever free day.
On day 12 he headed back up to school for summer classes and a job.
He called that night with a high temp again and Keith and Ellen drove up to get him.
On day 15, after three days of rest and no fever, he went back up again.
On day 16 he dropped the class--too weak and sore to try to get through it. He tried taking DayQuil to cope with the sore throat and devoloped a full body case of hives!
It's day 17 and he is one sore throat, itchy, coughing, nasal draining, night sweats miserable guy.

The only thing we know for sure is that there IS a sinus infection in there. He is scheduled for surgery on July 20 to reconstruct his nasal cavity and open the passage from the nose to the sinus (deformities that we FINALLY got diagnosed properly....we hope).

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