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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brain Bytes

Even though I've seen over and over that Gabe has his own way of expressing what he does and doesn't understand, I am still amazed when he reveals what's going on inside his head. I've mentioned before that he doesn't communicate directly in a way that tells me exactly what he's thinking. Well, he just blew me away again this week as he let me in on the nuances of his understanding.

On Saturday we were at a baseball tournament and I kept Gabe busy playing with a tennis ball. His favorite game was to sit on the ground and play catch with me. I tried to get the ball to land in his lap or within arms reach. When I missed and he had to go retrieve it I would say, "I'm sorry." On one such occasion he went to chase the ball while I watched the game. I didn't apologize and didn't give it any thought. He did. He fetched the ball, sat back down, and before throwing it again said, "I sorry".

I thought it was cute that he connected the stray ball with the apology. But I was to learn that there was more to it. Two days later while putting Gabe in his chair I slipped and plunked him down a bit roughly. He looked up at me and exclaimed, "I sorry!"

I shouldn't be amazed at the evidence of this grasp of the meaning behind the apology, but I am. I also stand corrected, twice, and will try to remember to say "I'm sorry" before he can remind me!

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