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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hide and Seek

Keeping up with glasses for a three year old is a challenge, even more of a challenge than it was keeping up with them for a two and one year old. Gabe is getting more and more clever at discarding or hiding the glasses.

He had been without them for over a week after losing them in late May. While I was in Milwaukee (in June) Bryce found them outside in the play yard just before running over them with the mower. They were slightly bent and missing a screw, but he brought the pieces in and put them on the counter. I returned the next day and when I went to take them in for repair I discovered I was missing a lens. It turned out that Lisa had seen the lens on the counter and took it outside--because we all know that every seven-year-old is just dying to have an optical lens for a play toy! While running along a fence it flew out of her hand. She searched for it but couldn't find it and didn't want to tell anyone that she'd lost it.

I got her to narrow down the area to a stretch of fence that was about fifty feet long. One side of the fence was mown, one was not. I looked, scoured, raked, and felt my way along that fence for over two hours. I gave up in hopes that darkness and a flashlight would do the trick. Keith joined me in the evening search and after 20 minutes he came up with missing lens, nestled in the grass on the mown side of the fence. Halleluia!

Just a few weeks later while I was in Minneapolis for a few days the diaper bag (with glasses safely stowed away) was left at the park and never seen again. We ordered a new pair. I felt a little better about the cost when the prescription was changed and the size of the frames enlarged.

We'd had the new pair for less than 6 HOURS when Gabe successfully removed and hid them! I made everyone search the three rooms he'd been in for almost an hour. Then, we extended the search to places they couldn't be, but probably were, but they weren't. I gave up.

The next morning I was hanging laundry and kept think "I was lost and now I am found". Not really applicable but it made me think that God knew where those lost glasses were. I prayed, explaining that I was out of ideas and if God wanted me to find them, He'd just have to show them to me. As I walked into the house I turned sideways going through the door with the laundry basket and this caught my eye.

I did a double take and looked a little closer.

I wondered why we hadn't seen them from inside. It was in a window in one of our main target rooms. Here's the inside view.


Anonymous said...

Clever Boy! I wonder where he will hide them next time. lol
(maybe you should put some kind of tracking device on them) :)

Becky Johnson

Anonymous said...

Soon it will be less expensive to invest in lasik surgery for him than to have to keep up with his replacement and repair bills. :)

Either that or GPS as Becky suggested.

kristi noser said...

I love that as soon as you gave it to God He showed you where the glasses were (and how faithful He is) in a few minutes. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Abigail Silverberg

Keelie said...

Oh my word - how incredibly smart!!!! What a stinker!:)