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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surgical Success #2

Chet made it through his operation with flying colors. His nasal septum was repaired, two splints inserted into the nasal cavities, and the sinus passages were opened. He was told that he would feel very uncomfortable and stuffed up for a week until the splints are removed. However, he says that even WITH the splints he is breathing BETTER now than ever. He may have oxygen overload next week when they're removed!

The only glitch in the whole procedure was his reaction to coming out of the anesthesia. Everyone hears stories about the weird things people do as they wake up. Everyone hopes that will not be their story. Well, it was Chet's story. They said he was yelling and resistent and repeating everything the nurses said--

Nurse--Just sit back and be quiet.
Chet--You sit back and be quiet!
Nurse--Just try and breathe slowly.
Chet--You try and breathe slowly!
Nurse (to another nurse)--He's really narked up.
Chet--You're knocked up!

I'm sure they went home with a few humorous tales for their friends and family.


kristi noser said...

you can bet they were telling that story in the breakroom.
glad everything went ok!

Emily said...

After I had my appendix out, I woke up thinking I was holding it in my hand! I could just feel it, and little soft warm bouncy ball kind of thing in my hand.