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Friday, August 14, 2009

Best Bride-To-Be

I can be biased, she's my daughter. And this takes nothing away from my other bride-to-be-girls (I think they would vie pretty heavily for the title--but, because I wasn't the mother I didn't see all of what I see this time).

Best Bride, Here's Why

Three weeks following her engagement she left for Guyana. She chose her date and attendants and then ALL other wedding plans were postponed until her return so she could give her full attention to her work in Guyana and her growing relationship with Daniel.

Despite her dream of "her perfect wedding dress" she accepted a used wedding dress from a dear Guyanese friend. She set aside her "dream style" without hardly a thought and embraced the love of her friend and the practical aspect of a gorgeous and free dress. Besides, she is stunning in it!

She allowed me to make the other girls' dresses, saving virtually hundreds of dollars.

She told the girls to pick black sandals, whatever style works for them, because, "Who cares if you have matching feet?"

She kept Daniel involved in the plans because "it's OUR wedding".

When I asked if she wanted any decorations for the front of the church she said, "Not if we have to buy anything. WE'RE the decorations."

She accepted the available table decorations from the church where we're holding the reception and is choosing to donate the ones we will have to purchase for future weddings.

She's made a list and stuck to just doing the next most important thing.

When things have been missed, or details weren't to someone else's satisfaction, she's shrugged and said, "Yep, I missed that, there's nothing I can do to fix it, I hope people will understand," and went on.

And most importantly, her first priority has been to make time for Bible reading and praying alone and with Daniel. She hasn't set aside her relationship with him or with her Lord until "the dust from the wedding settles." They come first. An old married lady can take some tips from that attitude!

She understands that it's all about the marriage, not just the wedding.

Daniel is blessed and I will miss this girl.


Anonymous said...


What a beautiful way to describe your joy and pride in your daughter.

Becky J

Kara Jo said...

Inspiring and refreshing.

Marcia Wilwerding said...

You wrote: "She understands that it's all about the marriage, not just the wedding."

That's absolutely right. We kept reminding ourselves all during the preparations for Jonathan and Emily's wedding that if nothing else happened but saying their vows, then the most important thing happened. All the rest is optional.

You are all in our prayers.

Daniellen said...

awesome post Cindy, I couldn't agree more. it's been stressful at times for sure, but I can honestly say I've grown to love and appreciate Ellen more than ever through the planning of our wedding.

blessed? what an understatement. try "exceeding abundantly above all that I could have ever asked or thought."

Ellen said...

oh Mom, you make me sound angelic or you to make the dresses???? that's the silliest thing I've heard, like I'm somehow benevolent in that realm. You graciously loved me enough to work really really long and hard, sacrificing in many ways to do this for me. You should know I appreciate it. I don't think you understand how much I do appreciate not just this but so much of how you've helped me. I love you and will miss you greatly too.

Dana said...

to all of you reading these comments...Ellen is trying to make herself look like less than she is. She is amAzing. It hasn't always been easy for me going through the very FAST process of having my sister almost drop off the face of the earth in the short time she had to get to know her husband-to-be. But the whole relationship is SO God-focused and awesome. I love her...I love him...and I can't wait to stand up in their wedding on Saturday and witness this incredibleness! And Mom, go ahead and say she's a better "bride-to-be" than I'll ever be because that I know is true! She's so calm about everything! :)