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Friday, August 21, 2009

Gabe Again

The surgeon talked to Keith this afternoon and although things are looking very good and Gabe could be coming home Sunday or Monday, he wants him to stay in Milwaukee. He told Keith, "I want my eyes to be the ones to look and determine what needs to be done." Keith is very impressed with his compassion and desire to be so involved in Gabe's care.

Keith expressed our concern for having someone stay with Gabe on Saturday and Dr. Mitchell just said, "Why won't you just let us take care of him?" Good question, why not?

Keith will be heading home tonight after Gabe goes to sleep and we will be able to attend the wedding together. I may have trouble getting through the family picture taking without him, but I will be thankful for the ease of being Gabe-less.

In the meantime, I'm sure Gabe will be busy playing trucks, watching Bambi, and running through the halls with some very willing nurse-babysitters.

Thank you over and over again for your prayers. I have been lifted up and comforted during this stressful time. God has given peace and joy when I felt it was not to be found.

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