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Friday, December 11, 2009

Milestones for Gabe

I don't believe I ever posted the results of Gabe's visit with the cardiologist in October. Since no news is good news you may have figured out that all is well. Gabe's x-ray and EKG both came back normal. That's a first! He will have an echo done in a year or so and, if everything looks fine on the inside, we'll go to having check ups every three years.

With his heart working properly I've noticed an increase in energy, as well as some added pounds and an inch of growth. I hardly thought it possible, but my tornado-on-legs is more active and more mischievous than ever. And he cut out his afternoon nap. It's supposed to keep me young. The mirror is telling a different story!

Gabe's cognitive development has gone through some growth spurts as well. Besides switching pronouns, which I posted a little bit ago, (I say 'you do it', he responds with 'I do it'), he is getting better at repeating longer thoughts.

He has a "Wee Sign and Sing" video that he loves. His favorite song goes, "I see a rainbow in the sky (repeat several times), all around my home." There are more verses about smelling, hearing, etc. He says and signs, "I see rainbow sky all around home." This morning, for the first time he sang and signed, "I hear bird in tree all around home." He hadn't seen the video for a few days and just started singing it at the table.

Before I put him in his chair for breakfast I put two bibs on the table. I only keep one bib on his chair and was wondering where the second bib came from when I heard Gabe saying something over and over and over. I stopped to listen and heard him saying, "Two bibs, two bibs". We have been counting for months. We count EVERYTHING--the steps we take, the shoes as they go on or off, the plates and forks, the bowls and spoons, the cars that drive by, EVERYTHING. I hold up fingers for Gabe to count and read counting books. He will chatter and play and count as he lines up his cars. I'll hear "1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11..." He knows something about counting but doesn't grasp the idea of how the number represents an amount. At least, not until today. I'm sure he knew what "two bibs" meant. Another door has opened in his mind.

The last thing that he's started doing is getting our attention to tell us something. Just a few days ago he was tossing an empty egg carton and said, "Mama, watch!" He loves to toss, throw, and break. We have lost two glasses, five Christmas ornaments, and two electric candles this week. How to wean him from loving the sound of shattering glass.....

Just as it took about 50 tries to get a picture of him sitting still and smiling, patience in other areas will eventually pay off and I am confident that our glass-shattering days will be numbered. Until then, we're using plastic and packing away the breakable ornaments!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to read this holiday time! I am so impressed with his development and your patience and knowledge of how it will work, and that it will come.

Love you,

Dana said...

Great post!!! Even though I see this every day as I come home it's still amazing to read and understand how huge the progression has been. That little guy just makes me melt...I don't care what mood I'm in, when I walk through the doors and I hear him scream "NEENAHHH!" and he comes running to me with outstretched's just adorable. :)