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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Mini" family

A year ago we regularly had 13 people around our supper table. Since then, Mary has moved into her own apartment, Light and Mendo returned to their homes on the other side of the world, and Ellen is married and gone. Dana is still home but is often away from the house. That leaves us with a pretty steady crew of 8. We recently had a fun night with our small group. It was a weeknight with no basketball games or practices and no homework.

We hadn't planned to have a "family night" but after supper and devotions things got rolling when an impromptu game of "throw the little kids" got underway.

Troy moved over to the piano (since we all enjoy hearing someone sing and play I think they sometimes head to the piano to get out of kitchen duty...Chet and Dana???). Bryce joined in and we had our entertainment during cleanup.

I heard a commotion in the great room and looked in on Owen and Lisa "dancing". (They were actually trying to whirl in a circle as fast as they could until one of them fell down.)

Someone asked for a game and we all went downstairs to play 25 Words or Less. This is a game where you try to get your team to guess 5 words while you give clues totaling no more than 25 words. As you would expect (at least in our house), the girls work to keep it under 25 words and the guys struggle to use more than one word as a clue. Bryce was giving the clues to his team and was on the last word when his time ran out. They hadn't guessed his final word for which he only gave one word--"Sam". He had about 10 or more words to spare but just kept saying "Sam" and nodding his head to one side. Time ran out and he shook his head in digust and muttered, "It was "slice"!" Um.....Keith jr.'s nickname for Owen is Sam-slice....of course.

Gabe milled around throwing balls at us and climbing on laps while Lisa made her own fun.

It was an enjoyable precursor to the Thanksgiving crowd we would be experiencing in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!!
Abigail Silverberg