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Monday, November 30, 2009

Not all Parrot

Gabe (3 1/2) talks....some. He lets us know, with two or three words, what he needs or what he's thinking; but he doesn't really converse. I'm never too sure how much he's capable of comprehending because we're missing the back and forth dialogue. We do know that he can repeat; but we forget sometimes that he's not all repetition.

Yesterday in church I had to take him out and go to the nursery because his parroting was getting distracting:
Pastor: Turn to the book of Mark.
Gabe: Book of Mark
Pastor: We're reading from chapter seven.
Gabe: Chapter seven
Pastor:....the Lord our God....
Gabe: Lord our God

Today I figured we were just experiencing more of the same when I got a little surprise and a reminder that this guy is on to more than we think sometimes.
Mama: OK, let's go.
Gabe: Let's go.
Mama: That's right Gabe, you got it.
Gabe: I got it.
He knew to switch the pronoun from 'you' to 'I'. It was like it was his little way of saying, "See, I know what I'm talking about."


Anonymous said...

Tommy was using the wrong pronouns well into Kindergarten (and you know that he lives in a language rich environment... I'm his mother.) And you've heard him speak. The fact that Gabe is using them correctly is HUGE!


Keelie said...

Yes, I agree! That is huge! Caedmon is using pronouns now, but often says things like, 'Denali gave to you' when he should say "me." He does this a lot!