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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Talk about a coincidence!

Late Monday afternoon Keith called to tell me he had a business trip come up and I was going with him. It was only for a day and he had the home front taken care of.

We left home at 8 to destinations unknown (to me). By 10 I was pretty sure we were going to Duluth and an hour later I was really sure.

Keith went to his meeting and I shopped, enjoying myself except for a slightly guilty feeling for not contacting my aunt, cousins, or niece who live in the area. "Oh well," I thought, "nothing I could do about it, having not known where I was going and all."

Well, just as we were finishing our supper at a local restaurant, and Keith was mentioning something about a man we know named 'Tony', he pointed and said, "Speaking of Tony..."

There, being seated at the table directly behind me was my cousin Tony and his family!

We enjoyed an impromptu reunion and left with a promise to get our families together for a visit soon. I'm still shaking my head in amazement.

Additional Note: In case you don't know--the population of the greater Duluth metropolitan area is just under 1/4 Million. Also, we were eating out on a Tuesday evening, not a typical night out for a family with three pre-teenage children. And, the restaurant we were at had three separate rooms for dining. I'm still amazed.

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Kara Jo said...

Cool. Thanks LORD for those unexpected surprise blessings!