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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decorating with Chet

Bryce, Owen, and I went up to get Chet for Thanksgiving break and used the day to help him put a fresh coat of paint on the living room of the apartment he will be sharing with Priscilla in a few weeks (OK, Chet, exactly 6 weeks--he's counting).

I forgot to get a before picture before we'd started with the edging, but it's enough to understand why Chet was adament about painting it. He just wasn't a fan of the red and yellow.

Bryce and Owen took a couple of turns with the roller when they weren't absorbed in the games on Chet's laptop. Bryce found a way to make a game out of the painting. Owen decided he's not quite ready for a painting career,....or hobby. There's just a bit too much finesse involved in painting. He needs something that allows for little more 'slop and jump'. (Yep, he tried both...)

So Priscilla, here's your new living room!

1 comment:

Keelie said...

Beautiful! I really AM going to call you when my house needs new coats!:)