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Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Granddaughter

Ellen and Daniel had a baby girl
Wednesday, July 7--her due date, after a six hour labor!
Karissa Rae
Born at 6:50 am
8 pounds 4 ounces (the same that Ellen weighed at birth)
21.5 inches long

Here is the new family, just three hours old.

Ellen, talking to her Daddy--and yes, it's still only about 3 hours after giving birth!

My three girls with their new niece/daughter

Auntie Dana with Karissa

Owen, Daniel with Karissa, and Shane

I love the way Gabe is looking up at Daniel, trying to figure it all out.

Mother and Daughter

Karissa is Ellen's first daughter, Ellen was my first daughter, I was Jean's first daughter, Jean was Ione's first daughter, Ione was Mary (Maime's) second daughter, Maime was Maggie's first daughter, Maggie was Margaret's first daughter who traveled to America from Ireland during the potato famine (Maggie was 2)


Keelie said...

Congratulations Ellen and Daniel... and grandma!:) Beautiful!

After telling my husband about her six hour labor, he said, 'no wonder woman in that family have so many babies!' :) She doesn't look like she was in labor at all! Did she have a home birth?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking what Keelie said. Ellen looks wonderful! Karissa looks wonderful (love the Rae for grandma BTW). Was it a home birth?
Loved your geneology... my great grandma was a Maimie as well. Like it as a name much more than my grandmas' names Dorothy and Edna. It's been a fruitful year for you and your family, and it's only early July!
Congrats my friend.

Keithslady said...

It was sort of a home birth, but not her home. Her provider was a midwife who's been practicing for about 20 years and has three birthing rooms in her home birth center. We were in the family room for the visit and the picture caught the dining room set in the next room.

I didn't know they would use my name and actually teared up a little when Daniel told me! I surprised myself.