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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Velie-Silverberg Wedding

It was nice to go to a wedding and not be in it. It was nice to just be a guest and get the enjoyment without the work. I decided to REALLY take it easy and I didn't even take many pictures of the day. There were plenty of people there with busy cameras so I captured just a few memories of the day. Now I'm wishing I'd taken a few more.

We've known both of these families for almost ten years, with family camp being our starting common denomenator, and have really enjoyed knowing them. It hasn't been a chore, at all. The Velies became even closer after their daughter, Mary, spent two years living with us while going to college. Experiences like that knit families together.

Here are my snapshots from the day.

The Velie Family

I didn't get one of the Silverberg family as they were posing. I was busy assembling the groom's cake. With the family coming in from Colorado for the wedding, Mary was wisely accessing friends to help with the workload. I volunteered to make the groom's cake for her.

At least I got one with Mary in it. Such a very pretty lady! And she IS both of those, pretty and a lady.

The wedding party.

Keith and Jeff Silverberg--first time father-in-law advice? I doubt it.

The wedding cake.

And my favorite picture of the day. Isn't this just the picture of a new husband?--holding her pink flowers and pink shoes AND he's wearing pink. I love it.

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