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E-LEV-EN: children from 1984 to 2006

HOME-SCHOOL-ING: since 1990

DOWN-SYN-DROME: susie and gabe

GRAND-CHILD-REN: since 2010

FAITH-FUL-NESS: my steadfast rock, my biggest supporter, my leader, my friend, my love, my husband

Friday, June 18, 2010

Match 'em up

I just heard Gabe in the other room yelling, "Joey! Joey! Keith! Keith!" It made me think of some recent visits we've had with our older children. I haven't downloaded any pictures from my camera since May 24th but here's one I took when Keith & Coley, Ellen & Daniel, and Chet & Priscilla were all here. It was only after I took the picture that I realized I had captured them along with their baby pictures.

Can you guess who's who?

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