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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Granddaughter Eva Pearl

I got a call at 10:15 last night, "Hello, is this Nana's Child Care Service?" I said, "Yes, it is," and off I went to spend the night with Vince who had no idea it was time to become a big brother. Keith and Coley left the house at about 11:30 and Keith had me make a guess as to what time the delivery would be. I told him, "No later than 3:00." I got a call at about 3:30. Eva Pearl was born at 2:50 (April 27th), weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long. Vince was happy to see Nana when he woke up and his first words were, "Nana play cars?" Apparently, early morning play time is not Vince's normal routine, but it's what he does with Nana. We played a little, read some books, got dressed, and went to meet his new sister. He wasn't too sure about what was happening and was not too interested in this new baby. It was a pretty unusual development for our little thinker and he was definitely going to need some time to process everything.
Eva doesn't look at all like her brother. Having two children who look very different is usually surprising to parents. You just expect your kids to look similar. I remember, after having Joey, thinking that our next child would look just like him because that's just what "we made". Vince has his Daddy's eyes and expressions, but he sure looks like Nicole's baby pictures. Eva is already being said to look a lot like her Daddy and some of his siblings. I have to agree.
I loved seeing her gaze so intently at her Mama!
The scratches on her face were inevitable. Can you believe the thumb nail?! I didn't see it, but believe Coley when she said her toe nails are just as long.
My mom, Grandma J, would have loved to meet this little girl, and know her name. She had a very beloved aunt named Eva who loved her like a mother after she lost her own. I think I'll just have to do my best to give this little Eva enough love for both of them.


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I am sure that young Vince will be a great big brother :)

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