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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kaleb & Stacey

Last Saturday, my nephew Kaleb was married. As is typical in most families, weddings are a chance to see relatives you don't get to see very often. This wedding was no exception. On the White side of the family, four of Kaleb's five aunts/uncles were present as well as 22 of his 32 cousins. This post is for the dozen or so of you who couldn't come as well as the many additional extended family members who would love to have joined us.

The Main Event: The Wedding/Kaleb and Stacey

Stacey, very happily (and quickly!) coming down the aisle with her dad

The wedding party--it was a very dark setting (and I wasn't going to be a distraction with a flash) so the pictures are mediocre to say the least, but at least you have an idea of how it looked

Stacey and Kaleb
The People

Waiting their turn for the photo booth: Brett, Shane, Troy, Owen, Dana, David, and Bryce

Jamie, Grandma, Papa, and Joey with Cameron

Kyle, Keith, and Gabe

Priscilla with Veda and Keesha

Ellen and Bryce

Keesha and Kenny

Keenan and Keith

Aunt Cindy and Marty K

Bryce and Karissa

Katie, Marty, Kelly with Sadie,and Kirk

Jamie and Grandma

Joey with Cameron and Uncle Kenny

Gabe and Chet--I love the family members in the background watching Gabe

Family Portraits

The Towles

The Klevens

The Mathews
If you want to access the photo booth pictures you can go to and type in Code Q85GG. Here's an example of what they look like, the guys in the wedding party:

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